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[Debconf-team] Open Weekend and some notes

hi all

I'm thinking about coming back as poker/emailey person, but I'll probably still lose my temper occasionally. If you can't deal with that, tell me now and I'll go away again.

My thoughts:
* DebCamp starts 23 June to 1 July. People can come before that but then they have to sort themselves out. I don't even want to know about it. Use airbnb or make some friends. 
* The open weekend is officially part of DebConf. It is on Saturday 2 July and Sunday 3 July. 
* Official opening, in my mind, is Sunday afternoon around 3 or 4pm, with a speaker who can talk to the public. My agenda with DebConf is about open hardware, so I would get someone who will be willing to practice their talk to something socially coherent and polished. My suggestions would be Kris Rose or Jonas Smedegaard, if they're keen. Or the founder of Arduino or something, maybe maddog, I enjoyed him.
* The Open weekend is open to the public, ALL members of the public even if they only want to be entertained. 
* I would say if sponsors want to do public-minded things on the weekend, they can, at no charge. Local companies can come for the weekend, at no charge. There should be impromptu hack and tinker sessions, installing e.g. Linux on people's machines (driven by CLUG)... It needs to be festive, and aimed at locals, internationals arrive as they come.

I'll make a mock-up of the Open Weekend schedule by tonight and put it on the wiki, for discussion and group tinkering:  https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/DebianDay

* DebCamp is for people involved in Debian. If they want to be entertained the pub will be good for them to entertain themselves, the lecture theatres where set up is happening will be serious enough.
* The job fair is technical and needs to happen within DebConf proper, I think
* Then Monday morning can have a plenary which is more technical and the 'technical' opening for DebConf. This is up to content team, I guess.

Other stuff:
* I like the extra line(s) on the badge. People can write what they want on it, humourous or offensive or whatever. Let people express themselves and then facilitate the dialogue.
* We need a press release ASAP. 
* Quiet labs: We have three levels of labs and lecture rooms booked. They go quieter as they go higher, with the top floors explicitly signaged as silent spaces. There is disability access to all levels and clear maps on each level. Check the bids gallery for pics.

B, struggling to be contained in her big person panties.

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