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Re: [Debconf-team] Donations to DebConf

The 2nd option is not currently active. We're working with our payment
provider to fix that. We also recently added PayPal as a payment option.

Giacomo Catenazzi wrote:
> Hello -team,
> In previous years we had the possibility to give donation to DebConf,
> and IIRC we got donations at every DebConf.
> Should we handle donation also this year?
> Using SPI? Onsite? Both?
> BTW the links (both from http://debconf14.debconf.org/payments.xhtml ):
> https://co.clickandpledge.com/advanced/default.aspx?wid=41803
> and
> http://debconf14.debconf.org/payments-amex.xhtml
> seems still working.
> Could we recycle the first link and make it permanents for DebConf
> donations (so remofing the registration fee part) or should we shut down
> finally it? And about the second link?
> Note: these payment methods could be useful for DebConf17.
> ciao
> 	cate

Michael Schultheiss
E-mail: schultmc@spi-inc.org

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