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Re: [Debconf-team] pre-registration or registation opens and CfP announcements

On 03/04/2016 07:23 AM, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
Dear DebConf and DebConf Content teams:

If you want to announce Call for Proposals when registration (or
pre-registration) is open, we may should begin to draft the Call for

Here's a draft in progress, starting with the DC15 CFP as a base:


Then, some things should be decided in order to publish DC16 Call:

* If we provide a page with explanation about the registration process

Registration is no longer necessary to submit an event (that was an implementation detail of summit), we can remove that text from the CFP.

* If we stick to 20 or 45 minutes long sessions
* When the first batch of accepted proposals will be announced.
* Deadline for proposals.

Sticking with approximately the same schedule as last year would mean:

* First batch of approvals in April
* Final deadline for event submissions May 1st

* Topics and tracks (if any)

The discussion we've had on the team list so far indicates that we don't have the capacity to organize formal tracks this year. Suggested topics are helpful, we can leave those in the CFP. And, tags can be added during review and scheduling if we decide they're useful.

Maybe not ideal, but we have to accept that we're running in a resource constrained year, and keep a practical focus on getting things done.

* Is content@debconf.org an alias to the current people in charge?


Finally, we can decide to just open pre-registration or registration
first, and then the CfP when it's ready. If this is what we want, I
would propose to microblog the "(pre)-registration open" as soon as it's
open, and keep the blog post for the CfP. (No two blog posts).

Yes, CFP and registration are entirely independent, so launch whatever is ready, whenever it is ready. (Again, practical focus, just get it done.)


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