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[Debconf-team] I'm confused about dc17 bid deadline? (and the debconf decision making process)

I thought that the historical deadline for submitting bids was around
March [1] of the prior year? Not Dec of two years prior? [2]

I didn't see any discussion on list regarding the pros and cons of
changing the deadline. We're tenuous position as we don't have chairs

What's going on?

I'll also add that IRC decisions have historically not been binding,
as we've allowed those who aren't regular IRC users, or those who have
conflicts that disallow attending IRC meetings to
contribute/participate by "ratifying" decisions on this mailing list,
even if a tentative decision was made on IRC.

It seems of late we have been short circuiting this decision making process?!?


[1] - http://blog.debconf.org/blog/debconf12/gw_dc12_call_for_dc14_venues.dc
[2] - https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2015/11/msg00003.html

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