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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf budgeting (was: Spending Debian money on travel sponsorship)

also sprach Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org> [2015-08-25 22:44 +0200]:
> For the record (not that it matters much :-) ), that matches quite
> well how I hope the Debconf budget will work in the future.

I think it matters a lot because it shows that a few months ago, we
were just missing each other. I am sorry for my part in this.
Surely, stress and pressure didn't help back then.

> > Does this sound like something we could try?
> I wonder if it would help things a bit to have each time work with
> an specific interval of money they could receive. For example, the
> outreach team could say 'To do something useful, we need at least
> $1000 [sponsor one attendee], and I don't see how we could need
> more than $6000.'

It'll take a while for us to get there, as teams mostly just formed
and much stuff is still in flux. Let's just keep this in mind
throughout the DC16 cycle.

Nigel already responded: this is how the DC16 team wants to do their
work, so we're square on that front. And with experience from DC15,
even teams like infrastructure and video can give a better estimate
this time 'round.

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