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Re: [Debconf-team] [Coordination] Timeline changes proposal for DC16

Gaudenz Steinlin <gaudenz@debian.org> writes:

> Giacomo Catenazzi <cate@debian.org> writes:
>> Hello Marga,
>>> On 24 Aug 2015, at 23:48, Margarita Manterola <margamanterola@gmail.com> wrote:
>> (…)
>>> The pre-registration period is for people that are requesting
>>> sponsorship or submitting event proposals.  They would only express
>>> their intent on going to DebConf (and DebCamp if applicable) and then
>>> fill in the sponsorship fields and/or submit proposals. Nothing else.
>>> We can also allow other people to sign up for this, but this would be
>>> only in order for them to get notified when actual registration opens.
>> I agree. Previously it was so, but having a different (simplified) form will help twice: users will see what are the essential data, and we will not have the problem of default when adding new necessary fields (on the later phase).
>> I like also to change the name.
>>> When the registration period opens, everyone needs to fill in all
>>> their registration data (dates of attendance, t-shirt size, food/accom
>>> choice, etc). This avoids a problem that we've had over and over of
>>> people filling in random dates when signing up, and then never
>>> correcting them,
>> Fully agree. penta was more in such direction than summit. I think in summit we tried to have “sensible default”, which caused a lot of problems. 
>>> or people registering because we tell them to, but
>>> then never reconfirming, because they don't intend to attend anymore.
>> I don’t follow it. I think we will have the same problem with people
>> not registering but with preregistration.
> But with calling it preregistration and making clear that it's mostly
> for people who request sponsorship there will be less cancelations.

Also, fewer people will get the idea that they have registered, having
only done the process we called registration ;-)

Chris Walker fell into that trap this year, and ended up having to
scramble around to book a hotel at the last minute -- and he's certainly
not the first.

Cheers, Phil.
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