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Re: [Debconf-team] Post-DebConf sentiments, good ones!

On 25 de agosto de 2015 07:55:42 GMT+02:00, Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
>Quoting martin f krafft (madduck@debconf.org):
>> Dear team,
>> Mind me going a bit sentimental, you know, post-DebConf depression
>> and all… ;)
>Yes, be sentimental, you deserve it. All involved people deserve it.
>From far away, I witnessed a great conference and an incredibly smooth
>I particularly noticed the intent of smooth communication and one of
>the things I found great where Michael's daily messages of "what you
>need to know for the next day".
>Amazing job.

During the year (preparation) some times (few, but...) I thought that it was a bit silly for me to invest efforts in Debconf if I was not attending, and there were so many things I was not understanding, and even some tensions and bad feelings ("just focus in your translations, larjona, you do that well"). But I thought: "well, let's go until the end to see what happens, these people are all amazing and they all are doing it better than what they think themselves, and Debian is a nice community to learn new things and go out from the comfort zone".

And really, it has been a great conference. I followed the mailing lists (-team, -discuss) asynchronously (batches of 80 mails or so coming when I got connection (!), but I also had long offline hours to read all of them and learn and enjoy) and I felt a kind of "compersion" < hey, new word learned here ;) 

I felt very good vibrations from team and attendees: Happiness is not "I feel good", it's "working trying that everybody (me included) feels good" and it seems there was a lot of that during all this year and in Heidelberg.

It was amazing (as always) to see the first videos published so quickly, and it's great that they are so many, to document many aspects of Debian.

I hope you are not very tired and you can rest a bit.

Thank you very much for all the dedication and for inviting me to be part of this experience.


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Laura Arjona

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