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[Debconf-team] Post-DebConf sentiments, good ones!

Dear team,

Mind me going a bit sentimental, you know, post-DebConf depression
and all… ;)

I arrived at DebCamp with mixed feelings. It felt to me like we had
done a really good job thus far, and yet there were still so many
things up in the air about the running of the conference, and we
didn't exactly have an easy year either…

But then network came up before I even opened my laptop the first
time, and two days later we were asked to have a sprint in Amsterdam
so that it can be streamed and recorded. A new record?

Everyone was pulling their strings and enjoying themselves. Things
happened, almost automatically, everywhere. And all aspects of our
conference kept slotting into place… occasional hicoughs left and
right, but nothing we didn't just fix, with dedication.

Despite the open weekend with all its unknowns, when Penny came with
our kids on Saturday, I just let go, and had a lovely time with
them. Come Monday, they departed, but the relaxation didn't wear
off. Obviously there were moments of uncertainty and running around,
but it was mostly fun, and I had the impression everyone felt the

We hosted a really fine conference.

Stefan (hostel manager) and I talked every day throughout the entire
time and he was increasingly full of compliments, sometimes even in
awe. And I just silently nodded.

You guys are just amazing.

Now there are plenty of ideas and things we can do better next time
(it'd be worrysome if that weren't the case). There'll be plenty of
talk, but for now I just wanted to say that it was marvelous.
Everyone exceeeded my own expectations, and probably many of us feel
that way.

What a fantastic experience to be part of an event where organisers
and attendees work together in person and towards a shared goal, and
manage to leave behind them the misunderstandings of the past and
the differences that arose through remote media!

Thank you so much.

Good night,

 .''`.   martin f. krafft <madduck@debconf.org> @martinkrafft
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