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[Debconf-team] DebConf17 early proposals

Dear Debian contributor,

Are you interested in hosting DebConf17 in your country? Do you have some other
fellow locals to back your proposal? The DebConf team would like to help you
make your idea become concrete!

There will be a session at 18:30 on Friday, in room "Heidelberg", where early
bid proposals can be presented by the first time to other debconfers. It would
be nice if you have time to prepare a short presentation with information such
as potential venues and general info about the city/region you are considering
and, of course, "why do you think DebConf17 should be there?" But just coming
to the meeting to register your interest in hosting is also useful.

Proposals should be listed in the wiki [1] before the session on Friday, so
that we can define how much time each group will have. You can also use the
wiki to start planning your bid -- in addition, once you start work you can
apply for a mailing list for coordination and a website within debconf.net.

Even if you are not in Heidelberg for this presentation, if you manage to
gather information in the wiki we can take care of presenting it to the

Teams will still have many months to prepare their real bids, which need to be
formalized by December 2015, and a decision is expected to be made in early

Please do not hesitate to ask questions in debconf-team IRC or mailing list,
or simply chat with orgateam members to know more about the process. And if
you are not *yet* ready to lead your own proposal, maybe you can convince a
friend of doing so, or bring ideas of host cities so we can try to poke people

Happy bid preparation!

On behalf of the DebConf orga team.

[1] https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf17

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