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[Debconf-team] DC16 seed & pre-DC money flow

Hi Guys,

1. Money Flow pre-Debconf

2. Seed money for DC16


1. To make things clear from an accounting point of view, I have added a pre-DebConf period section to the DebConf money flow.
ref: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/MoneyFlow#Money_flow_before_the_DebConf_period

Here is the text:
- Its kindly requested that the relevant team leads contact the DebConf accountant before purchases are made
- Supporting documentation to be scanned and sent to accountant by the team lead
  * For reimbursement, its suggested an invoice + receipt
  * For supplier payment, its suggested a quote + proforma, or invoice
- Accountant clears payment within 7-14 days and records payment and receipt in ledger

Please use GPG signed email when using email.

Input most welcome, if you don't like an item, please share how you would improve it. :)

2. Seed money for DC16
I will be covering DC16 expenses/reimbursements in R15,000 increments and will seek reimbursement from SPI based on ledger with transactions (will be added to git soon). If you need money pre-DC16 for anything please have your team lead contact me in line with #1 above.
ref: https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Teams


@DebCamp/Conf 15 in Germany

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