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Re: [Debconf-team] General schedule proposal for dc15

On Sat, Sep 20, 2014 at 07:52:11PM +0200, Maximiliano Curia wrote:

> Initially I'd sent a schedule proposal to the local team mailing list, but
> some people have asked that we discuss this here instead. This was the original
> thread: https://lists.debian.org/debconf15-team/2014/09/msg00026.html

> Taking into account the feedback, I make this new proposal for the general
> schedule:
>  08:00 10:00 breakfast
>  10:00 13:00 events
>  13:00 14:30 lunch
>  14:30 17:00 events
>  17:00 18:00 coffee and snacks (overlapping)
>  17:30 20:00 events
>  20:00 22:00 dinner

> Regarding the events, during the weekends this would be just talks. But during
> the weekdays I think it would be nice to have some adhoc talks time and some
> time for open hacking sessions.

>  - Adhoc talks: As seen during dc14, people come up with lots of things they
>  want to discuss during the conference. It makes sense to have a specific
>  block for this type of sessions.

>  - Open hacking sessions: a time for teams/projects to work together with
>  newcomers and potential team members. For these to be successful, they need to
>  have clear and attainable goals.

> My proposal is to have adhoc talks during early afternoon (14:30-17:00) and
> hacking sessions in parallel during the whole afternoon (14:30-20:00). This
> allows having one block of time that is exclusively for hacking.

One thing that's not clear to me is how this afternoon block (14:30-17:00)
is supposed to be broken down into slots.  Is this 5 half-hour blocks?  Two
one-hour blocks and one half-hour block?  Two 1h15m blocks?

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