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Schedule proposals

Hello fellow DebConf Organizers,

I've been thinking about the schedule distribution.

One of the comments I've heard in debconf this year was "having the first talk
just after breakfast and the last one after dinner makes a really long day"

I really like the idea of having hacking blocks, but, these were too
interrupted, also the adhoc talks/bofs were scheduled on top of these and then
the days were packed with talks again.

One of the ideas that was mentioned by members of the Talks team is to only
accept talks (not bofs) prior to DebConf, and schedule bofs and discussions
only after the official schedule is announced.

Some extra considerations for dc15, we have an Open Weekend on Saturday 15 and
Sunday 16, and the Closing Ceremony would be on Saturday 22 while the Sunday
23 is the teardown. So, the 15 and 16 are expected to be full days of
talks, and for the Saturday 22 being the last day it also makes sense to have
talks rather than more hacking time.

So, my proposed schedule:
 breakfast 08:00-09:30
 lunch     12:30-14:00
 coffee    16:30-17:30
 dinner    19:30-21:00

All of these can be extended, for example breakfast could be served till
10:30, and those that stay till then would miss the first talk.

Full day of talks (weekends):
 morning    09:30-12:30
 afternoon  14:00-17:00

Hacking days (weekdays):
 morning talks   09:30-12:00
 lightning talks 12:00-12:30
 discussions     14:00-17:00
 hacking time    17:30-19:30

The discussions blocks are for bofs and adhocs and people might choose to only
use them for hacking instead.

There are 8 small rooms that can be used to hold hacking sprints or adhoc
sessions.  As a general idea, we could use 4 of the small rooms (plus the talk
rooms) for discussions and the other 4 for the hacking sessions.

Hacking sessions:

These are based on the idea of sprints, to encourage participation on
different projects, such as the bts, reproduceable builds, debian ppas, etc.
Each project requires a mentor and clear and engaging goals.

Topics could be introduced during the lightning talks session in the morning.

Comments are welcome.

Happy hacking,
"People get lost in thought because it is unfamiliar territory."
-- Fix's Principle
Saludos /\/\ /\ >< `/

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