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[Debconf-team] Website to watch streaming of the DebConf14

Hi all,

In previous editions collaborated to create a simple page[1][2][3]
which allows you to track the DebConf while interacting via IRC.

In this issue I want to make that contribution, if there is someone in
charge of this task.

I'm thinking of using similar tools (cortado[4], html+css, html5
tag<video>) similar code of the previous editions, however, in place
of IRC webchat.oftc, wanting to try the scrollback[5], being a free
tool which integrates with social networking and IRC.

Also is open to other suggestions and collaborations. Bring the
contents of transmission DebConf14 a larger number of developers and

[1] http://debianart.org/dc10/
[2] http://debianart.org/dc11/
[3] http://debianart.org/dc13/
[4] http://www.theora.org/cortado/
[5] http://scrollback.io

> Profissional de inovação
@valessiobrito / +55 (61) VALESSIO

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