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[Debconf-team] Meeting Minutes from 6/26/13

Hello, team!

I was trying to follow along in the minutes made during yesterday's local
team meeting, and a couple of things came up that I'd like a little
clarification for since I wasn't there to hear the actual conversations.

1) I noticed that decisions on family arrangements at Le Camp were going to
be referred entirely to registration@debconf.org. However, we (at least *I*)
don't really have direction on what's appropriate for family accommodations
at the venue, and it sounds like sponsored communal arrangements are quite
full. When people first approached us about bringing their spouses and
children, we tried to very politely direct them away from expecting to stay
on the venue with concerns that we 1) wouldn't have detailed accounting
until it was far beyond an appropriate planning timeline for that family to
be able to attend and 2) didn't know how many actual *attendees* needed
those spaces. Can I get clarification on what decisions registration@ is
responsible for regarding non-attendee arrangements?

2) The question of cleaning came up again - and I'm seeking clarification of
what's going on with the dishes after meals/cleaning up after lunch and

Thank you,


Patty Langasek


At times, you may end up far away from home; you may not be 
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