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Re: [Debconf-team] Meeting Minutes from 6/26/13

Hi Patty

Thanks for asking (instead of just assuming something). I'll try to
clarify your points.

Patty Langasek <harmoney@dodds.net> writes:

> Hello, team!
> I was trying to follow along in the minutes made during yesterday's local
> team meeting, and a couple of things came up that I'd like a little
> clarification for since I wasn't there to hear the actual conversations.
> 1) I noticed that decisions on family arrangements at Le Camp were going to
> be referred entirely to registration@debconf.org. However, we (at least *I*)
> don't really have direction on what's appropriate for family accommodations
> at the venue, and it sounds like sponsored communal arrangements are quite
> full. When people first approached us about bringing their spouses and
> children, we tried to very politely direct them away from expecting to stay
> on the venue with concerns that we 1) wouldn't have detailed accounting
> until it was far beyond an appropriate planning timeline for that family to
> be able to attend and 2) didn't know how many actual *attendees* needed
> those spaces. Can I get clarification on what decisions registration@ is
> responsible for regarding non-attendee arrangements?

First I expect the Swiss registration team members to be able to handle
these requests. So we don't expect you to answer them. But still
everyone should know and agree to what's going on. IMO we never tried to
actively direct away families, but to be transparent about our decision
process and to be clear that our decision schedule might not be
compatible with their requirements. We also pointed out what kind of
accomodation they can hope for in the best case. At the current point we
are better able to give a clear answer to these requests. The proposed
solution is to offer the two bed rooms that require sleeping-bags to
families without requireing them to pay the professional fee, but only
the price for a 2-bed room. In our opinion those rooms are not sensible
for those that pay the professional fee and want a 2-bed room because of
the sleeping-bag requirement. So far we have only 1 request from a
family (which is likely to be fine with this) and we know of one other
family that probably already made their own arrangements. We intend to
offer this to other families we know of.

In our opinion it's up to the registration team to decide about the
details of such arrangement and room allocation in general. There are
enough members on the team that know the situation at Le Camp and can
advise on possible solutions.

> 2) The question of cleaning came up again - and I'm seeking clarification of
> what's going on with the dishes after meals/cleaning up after lunch and
> dinner. 

We discussed this at our meeting and a majority of the people present at
the meeting thought that it is feasible to do the dishwashing and with
volunteers. The idea is that one member of the local team will be
responsible for this each day and there were enough persons at the
meeting who commited to be willing to do this. Each day in addition we
would need about 4 additional volunteers during the meal time and about
1 hour afterwards. Nothing about this is decided yet. This is just a
proposal from the local team we would like to decide about at the next
global team meeting next tuesday. We also agreed that this proposal
should be sent to the debconf-team list before the meeting together with
our meeting minutes.

The general consensus at the meeting was that it's possible to do this
with DebConf volunteers and that the load on individual volunteers is
not too high if the task is distributed among enough persons. We also
clearly decided that cleaning of bathrooms etc. by volunteers is out of
question and that we will hire a professional service for this.


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