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Re: [Debconf-team] Proposal for DebConf13's Debian Day

Hi Gaudenz,
On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 02:06:04PM +0200, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> Luca Capello <luca@pca.it> writes:
> > OPEN QUESTION 1: the date.

Well, regarding the date I am not sure what is your suggestion. Even if
it is arrival day, we don't need so much resources in term of man power
at Debian Day mainly speakers and I will be there to coordinate. The
rest of the team would stay working at Le Camp in my views. This event
is not targeted toward Debian Developers or volunteers but for sponsors,
users or people that haven't heard of Debian before.

> > OPEN QUESTION 2: the location.
> >
> > Actually, the open question is not about the city where to have the
> > Debian Day (Neuchâtel is the closest to the venue and also the capital
> > of the canton where Vaumarcus is), but more about the venue.  Our
> > requirements are an auditorium for 200 persons maximum and 2 workshop
> > rooms.  With this in mind, the best venue would be HES-SO Arc, despite
> > the fact that the main auditorium is for ~100 persons only.  However,
> > the main advantage is that HES-SO Arc is next to the rail station and
> > thus easily reachable even by people new to Neuchâtel:
> Does this mean 100 persons seated and space for more if they stand in
> the back or sit on the floor? Or is 100 already the absolute maximum? In
> the former case I think this is good enough.

I haven't seen the main conference room.

We have a first OK from a reponsible at HES-Arc but it needs to go through a
administrative process. I have been told it could be quite long. About
the location the building is new and there are computers labs we could
use. Marc told me we could change the hard disks and use Debian. This
could be interesting to show people how it works.

> > OPEN QUESTION 5: food & beverage.
> >
> > It would be good to have something to offer during the workshop.  This
> > will not be in any way a full meal and we could even think about having
> > them available upon a donation to the Debian project.
> IMO this would be nice but nowhere a requirement. If we have the budget,
> fine, otherwise it's ok too.

We have a budget of CHF 5'000.

> >
> >
> > OPEN QUESTION 6: sponsor implication.
> >
> > The Canton of Neuchâtel being a gold sponsor for DebConf13, we thought
> > that it was obvious to have it at the opening ceremony for DebianDay.
> > However, what about the other sponsors?  Should we invite some of
> > them?
> I'd send an invitation to attend to all of them. But I'd only offer a
> presentation to platinum sponsors as promised in the sponsoring
> brochure. The canton is a special case as we agreed that they can give a
> short (10 min) presentation and IMO this is the best place for this
> presentation.

This is not what we have negociated with them. They want to talk to the
attendees at the main conference. I have also invited them to Debian Day.


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