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[Debconf-team] Cloud Track at Debconf

Hello all,

I volunteered to lead the new Cloud Track at debconf and was hoping to step up the efforts there now.  I recently got an email in regards to submissions from Google in regards to their talk submissions, and I am sure they are not alone in waiting for feedback.

I spoke with Rudy Godoy today who is part of the Eucalyptus team in Debian and he has volunteered to help out, and of course, brian Gupta has already expressed his interest as well.

I was hoping the debconf powers that be would allow us to form a 3 person team to select which talks will be accepted and work with Andreas to get them scheduled. (it will be good to see you again Andreas!)

I'm happy to add 2 more members to the team if anyone else on debian-cloud is interested but would like to keep it an odd number (for 'voting' on talks) and no more than 5 just to keep it manageable.  In the meantime, I think we can more than get started with 3.

Please let me know if this is acceptable and I'll reach out to Brian and Rudy and get things going.



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