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Re: [Debconf-team] Sponsorship and paying options

Hi Gaudenz, and thanks for this discussion (re)start;

Le dimanche, 17 mars 2013 22.36:59, Gaudenz Steinlin a écrit :
> I propse we offer the following options:
> 1) Sponsored accomodation and food:
> With this option you don't pay anything and get a bed in a large or
> medium sleeping-bag room and food at Le Camp.

This means that for a maximum number of "Le Camp" attendees of 359, the number 
of "sponsored accomodation" attendees is a maximum of 132 (81 in medium 
sleeping-bag and 13+17+21=51 in large sleeping-bag). That's roughly 36% of 

I was initially puzzled by that low percentage; as my DebConf experiences 
where that basically everyone got sponsored accomodation at DC11, and I 
thought that "most" attendees got sponsored accomodation at DC12. But I now 
discovered that I'm wrong, so let's face it:

- at DC12 [0]: 100 attendees requested sponsored accomodation, on a sum of 234
  attendees: ~43%.
- at DC11 [1]: 237 attendees requested sponsored accomodation, on a sum of 558
  attendees: ~43%.

I initially thought (and said) that aiming at (roughly) 70% accomodation+food 
sponsoring coverage would be inline with past years and "teh DebConf spirit"; 
now recent historical data painted me wrong.

[0] http://debconf-data.alioth.debian.org/stats/registration-data.txt
[1] http://debconf-data.alioth.debian.org/stats/old-dc11/registration-data.txt

Now I still think 36% is still a little low and there's basically two ways 
forward: a) sponsor camping; b) open one more category to sponsored 

a) would mean paying for the "camping fee" on behalf of camping attendees who
   would request it. That would push the percentage up to 53% in the best
   case (but keep in mind that we can only open camping within some
b) would mean opening "sleeping bag double-room" to sponsored accomodation (so
   that all sponsored accomodation would be "sleeping bag"), pushing the
   percentage up to 40%.

I'd be in favour of both combined, as that would make the "sponsored" category 
all of "sleeping bag" (then we could allocate the specific categories first-
come/first-served, e.g.), making it an easier description.

> 3) Self-paying hosted at Le Camp with food at Le Camp
> You just pay the prices in the "Pricing" wiki page[1] for food and
> accomodation.

As far as I read historical data, in the past it was possible to request 
either of food or accomodation sponsored. I understand that the rationale to 
drop that possibility is that there's no sane way to get food outside of "Le 
Camp" on a regular basis (+ simplicity of the registration).

Though, I think letting potential attendees to get "only sponsored food" or 
"only sponsored accomodation" (and pay the counterpart) creates smaller 
"monetary contribution" steps and can help having more people contribute part 
of their costs. (Specifically, by not allowing upgrades, we might have people 
willing to pay for a better category, but not necessary willing to pay for 
their food).

I mostly agree with the rest, so many thanks for this Gaudenz!


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