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[Debconf-team] Accomodation - Room capacity limits


It was pointed out several times, that filling the largest rooms at Le
Camp to their maximum capacity might be unacceptable. I agree with this
and propose to fill the 3 largest rooms (all rooms in the "Large
sleeping-bag" category) only to 2/3 of their capacity, even if we have
more people applying for accomodation in these rooms. If we run out of
accomodation space we can still offer camping space (for up to 60
persons) and if that's not enough we would have to declare that we are
full. I don't expect this to happen before the sponsored registration

This means that we loos 27 beds or our total capacity of 326 (not
including camping). With camping we would still be able to host 359
persons which is AFAIK more than every recent DebConf.

This means:
- 20 person room in the pricipal building -> 13 persons
- 26 person room in building 8            -> 17 persons
- 32 person room in building 4            -> 21 persons

For the rooms in the "Medium sleeping-bag" category I propose to leave
an equal amount of beds empty as far as possible but to eventually fill
them if needed. If we have to fill those rooms by more than 2/3 I would
offer those people to use the camping option if they prefer. This would
mean that we try to reduce their capacity (or offer camping) by 25 beds,
but without any guarantee.

This means:
- 2x12 person room in principal building and 5 -> 8 persons
- 13 person room in building 8                 -> 9 persons
- 2x14 person room in building 5 and 6         -> 10 persons
- 16 person room bin building 6                -> 11 persons

For all smaller rooms IMO it's acceptable to fill them to their full
capacity. These are our best rooms and I don't want to "waste" any beds
in them. Especially as these are also the rooms with the higher quality
beds (with bedding). With this proposal we still have 79 beds in rooms
with 4 or less attendees. IMO this is enough to satisfy the needs of
those that have expressed a preference to not share their room with more
than 4 persons. For those that really want more comfort and privacy
there is still the option to use a hotel. Check the
AlternativeAccomodation list[1].


[1] https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf13/AlternativeAccomodation
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