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[Debconf-team] Le Camp accomodation categories and pricing


According to the initial timeline we planned to open registration Mid
March. This has not yet happened at least to some degree because we
don't yet have an agreed upon proposal about how to present the
accomodation options at Le Camp.

I intend to restart discussions with proposals for each open point in
separate mails. The basis for all of this is still the Pricing wiki page
[1]. There was also an IRC meeting about most of these things[3].

As far as I understand there is consensus about the following. If you
disagree please start a separate list thread with an alternative
- Categories: There was no opposition so far to the accomodation
  category separation in the pricing wiki page.
- Room prices: I increased the prices for the smaller rooms with respect to the
  initial proposal to those proposed by Giacomo[2]. As I read the list
  mails and meeting log there was a general agreement about this.
- Sponsored accomodation: Sponsored accomodation should get you a room
  in the "Large sleeping-bag room" or "Medium sleeping-bag room"
  categories for free. At least together with my proposal to reduce the
  capacity of the large rooms by 1/3 I consider the quality of all these
  beds roughly equivalent.
- Upgrades because of special needs: There is consensus that upgrades
  because of special needs should be free.

I intend to send separate proposals concerning the following topics. If
you agree with them or have alternative proposals, please propose them
on-list NOW.

* Room capacity limits
  To what level do we want to fill each of the rooms. There was much
  discussion about this in the "accomodation and pricing" IRC

* Sponsorship and paying options
  Which options of sponsored accomodation and food and wich options of
  paying for accomodation and food do we offer.

* Upgrades for sponsored attendees
  Should upgrades to better rooms for sponsored attendess be allowed or
  not and if yes under which conditions.

I hope that these topic cover everything that needs to be decided. If
you find other things that we should decide before being able to open
registration, please start discussion about this on the list, preferably
with a concrete proposal.


[1] https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf13/Pricing
[2] http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20130218.093333.7620f035.en.html
[3] http://meetbot.debian.net/debconf-team/2013/debconf-team.2013-02-26-21.01.html

P.S.: I'll be on vacation from tomorrow until Friday without any access
to email.

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Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
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