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[Debconf-team] Local f2f meeting Sunday 10th March - Minutes

Hi all,

We held that meeting on Sunday evening, in the Liip [0] Fribourg offices 
(thanks to them); here are our (rough) minutes:


Their text version is also attached, cheers,


Le samedi, 9 mars 2013 18.48:32, Gaudenz Steinlin a écrit :
> Gaudenz Steinlin <gaudenz@debian.org> writes:
> > Sorry for the delay announcing the result of the meeting poll. As the
> > poll did not show an ideal and obvious date I decided to do the
> > following: We have a first meeting soon and another meeting in early
> > April. I think we have enough to organize locally that two meetings are
> > in order.
> > 
> > next meeting:
> > Sunday 2013-03-10 1800 UTC in Fribour at the Liip office
> > 
> > (…)
> Here is a first draft:
> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf13/Meetings/20130310
= Minutes =
== Presence ==
* gaudenz
* rafw
* heiserhorn
* gismo
* OdyX
* XTaran

== Local tasks and teams ==
* Overview from DebConf wiki: [[Jobs]] and [[DebConf13/Teams]] (work in progress)
* Tasks and responsibilities among locals

There's arguably a need of rethinking our Teams repartition as we did early in the organisation process. Instead of handling that rethinking in the meeting, we tried to outline what the permanent responsibilities from "the locals of the team" were; and came up with that list:
* Debian Day + 20th Debian Party organisation
* Organise local volunteers (getting them, organizing [0])
* Bar organisation
* "Visa + travel issues" contact person
* "Le Camp" contact person

[0] see with Fabian Padilla from RMLL

==  Le Camp ==
* Contact person
* Accommodation pictures
* Bus usage
* Team direction for accommodation attribution / selling / registration

=== Status ===

* First 30k invoice paid.
* "Connection information" is being handled by Tech'team.
* There is no clearly-defined contact person, hug is acting as contact person, but is far away.
* OdyX kinda' volunteers, only if really needed.

=== Various "accomodation categories" pictures ===
* We should be very clear about what we "sell" with the pictures in any way.
* gaudenz will ask for existing pictures.
* OdyX kinda' volunteers, only if really needed; it will take a half-day anyway. If we have to take pictures, we could propose "Le Camp" to give these to them.

=== Bus usage ===
Not discussed.

=== Our / team direction for accommodation? ===
The discussion s around "what proportion of people should be getting sponsored accomodation+food for DebConf13 in Le Camp"?
* gaudenz to restart the pricing and accomodation discussion to try to reach a solution soon.
* OdyX will send one "statement of opinion" to the list expressing his own opinion regarding the general "direction" of having "most" (~ 75%) attendees hosted at Le Camp being "sponsored accomodation + food" in the "accomodation and pricing" discussion.
* Upscaling budget discussion on debconf-team?

Things currently (not fully) in the budget (in parenthesis, what's in there):
* Debian Day + 20th Debian Party (?)
* Day Trip (5300 CHF)
* Conference dinner (1740 CHF)
* DebCamp (0.- CHF), OdyX says ~35 kCHF for one week for 100 persons
* "Better" food, could be enhanced for + 6 CHF /attendee/day

== Debian Day + Party, on 16. August ==
Options are:
* _NOT_ in LeCamp as we will have _no_ attendees.
* Uni Neuchâtel, with help from the canton, closer to Zurich and Basel than Yverdon or EPFL.
* Yverdon, as it's easier for moving attendees.
* EPFL, as it has a big campus, but is quite far.
*** Transportation still open
* Advertisment:
** LUGs (One list on http://www.lugs.ch/lugs/sektionen/ , mostly German speaking ones, though)
** Studentgroups (like http://www.thealternative.ch/ at ETH/UZH)
** CCC Chaostreffs/Hackerspaces around (c.f. http://www.cccch.ch/)

* rafw will contact Marc Schaefer to start organising that and will inform debconf-team@

== /ch/open Sponsors Dinner ==
* How will present our project?
** Who? Gaudenz, Axel and maybe Cate
* Presentation;
** gaudenz gathered some ideas

== Le Camp "Hospitality" ==
* Bar and selling of "small stuff from LeCamp"
** Michael Germini would be a good candidate to handle it; heiserhorn will boot him.
* Other things we want to organize

== Alternative accommodation ==
* status of proposal to have a hotel discount
** Hôtel du Théâtre is the hotel we are currently discussing with (rafw).
** If possible, it would be nice to have a discount for busses from Yverdon-les-Bains to Vaumarcus and back (rafw).
** Raiffeisen should be informed that there will be a lot of people coming.

== DebConf13 presentation at [http://www.debian.org/events/2013/0314-opensourcenow Open Source Now 2013] ==
* what we want to show

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