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[Debconf-team] DC14 bids: certainty in Venezuela

Hi bidders!

I know Moray asked while opening up the discussion for the bidding
process to try to address our questions to both bids, but this is
meant for the Venezuelan bid - No way to make it more inclusive.

Some people have approached me with questions regarding the stability
of the Venezuelan government and the outlook for a 18 month period. We
have recently seen a strong devaluation of the formal exchange rate,
and Hugo Chávez's illness and health situation are a worrying factor.

Most of the proposed sponsors are paraestatal enterprises or directly
government entities. The proposed hotel and connectivity provider are
government-owned enterprises.

So, the following questions might arise:

• What is the outlook on the political situation without President
  Chávez's lead? I have heard versions pointing to calling again for
  elections, others suggesting the currently formed government can
  still hold the post. As for DebConf, we should not get in a debate
  whether Maduro or Cabello or Capriles or whoever, but rather on
  whether the support you have so far prospectively secured will

• How dependant is the support of the entities you have mentioned on
  the "political sign" of the government? That is, how certain are you
  to keep their support if elections are called and the government
  party changes? (I know that is a big "if" statement, but it is worth

I know it's quite hard to play prophet, but that's part of what we
should be doing facing this decision :-)


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