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Re: [Debconf-team] Alternative accommodation in Yverdon-les-Bains

Giacomo Catenazzi <cate@debian.org> writes:

> On 11.03.2013 16:13, Raphaël Walther wrote:
>> Now, it looks like we need already the final number of room we need.
>> Obviously, she doesn't want me to book 10 rooms and have three people
>> coming at the end.
> Thank you for your job, but it is not really our business going so in 
> details. I think we should provide the names of few hotels near Le Camp 
> (in the wiki, with ev. few additional information), but we should stop 
> there. Reservations, prices and other issues (category, room types, etc) 
> should be a task for attendee. Doing it centralized is a huge task, 
> which IMHO could cause only problems (no-show, overbooking because 
> people forgot to answer mails, etc.)
> Remember one of DebConf motto: "we are not a travel agency"

Raphael did not spell that out directly but at least when we discussed
this topic it was always clear that we don't want and should not and
under no cicumstances will book rooms for anyone outside Le Camp. The
sole purpose of this is to negotiate a better rate for conference
attendees. If we can get a 10% discount with a simple phone call I think
this is worth the effort.

Raphael: To me it's not really clear what the current status of this
really is. What do they actually expect from us, just an estimate of the
amount of rooms we need or do we have to sign some sort of contract or
even pay something in advance? I think just giving a number of expected
room numbers is OK while I would oppose the latter to sign anything or
pay in advance. Also it's not clear to me from your mail if we should
just wait to see if the other booking for mid-August will be final or
not or if they still have some rooms available or even give our
participants preference if they wold book now.


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