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[Debconf-team] DebConf team ics vCalendar URL

Hi all,

Yet another subject change, sorry, that should hopefully help rising more 
attention to the URL change I have just implemented.

Le dimanche, 24 février 2013 11.08:34, Steve Langasek a écrit :
> Would it make sense to move this to a top-level calendar/ directory, btw,
> rather than having it under the dc13 directory?  I guess that having a
> single calendar feed is generally more useful; it's easier for people to
> ignore meetings that they're not attending than to find calendars they
> didn't know they were missing.

I have now moved the .ics calendar from dc13/calendar/DebConf13.ics to 
www/website/calendars/DebConf-team.ics in the debconf-data svn repository.

This will make (in 5 minutes hopefully):


… the new URL for the DebConf calendar.

Anyone with debconf-data commit rights can of course add, update and remove 
entries there, feel free to make it even better.



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