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Re: [Debconf-team] Issues regarding venue and scheduling process

Moray Allan dijo [Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 12:50:51AM +0100]:
> - I don't agree that two rooms gives insufficient scheduling space,
> especially considering the decrease in the number of submissions.  I
> expect we can create an additional downstairs meeting space, but I
> would rather we wait until DebCamp (or until we get floor plans for
> the building, but I suspect DebCamp will come first), finalise the
> room use, and then open up the remaining slots, including that space,
> for late scheduling, roughly following the scheme used last year.

         city         | count | scheduled 
 Edinburgh            |   181 | yes
 Edinburgh            |    22 | no
 Mar del Plata        |    97 | yes
 Mar del Plata        |    37 | no
 Cáceres, Extremadura |   132 | yes
 Cáceres, Extremadura |    31 | no
 New York             |   116 | yes
 New York             |    51 | no

So, in Edinburgh we scheduled 89% of 203 proposals; in Mar del Plata,
72% of 134; in Cáceres, 80% of 163; in New York, 69% of 167.

Right now, we stand at 44 out of 104 (42%), but we have not yet
finished allocating timeslots, so it's almost a futile number. Anyway,
this is prior to DebConf. I don't have the data to tell you the
percentage of talks submitted before/after the deadline, or one month
earlier, or during DebConf (it's not registered... I could go through
the logs, but that's too tortous), but I can tell you that at NY
(where I was part of the on-site scheduling team, with dkg), there
were talks added and scheduled almost every day.

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