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[Debconf-team] [Josette Garcia] FW: Debian conf coupon

Hi Folks,

Here's the O'Reilly coupon for a free e-Book each from Josette.

It seems that this offer raised some concerns about whether there were
any hidden strings in the form of license restrictions that would upset
people or some such.  There was also some suspicion that they were
trying to get sponsor status with a payment in kind.

I'm pretty sure that sponsor status was never mentioned either way.
This is just an offer in compensation for the fact that Josette will not
be able to attend in person and offer us discounted books.

As for the other bit, I haven't a clue what people were on about, so if
you are suspicious about that, I'd suggest you try out the voucher and
discover if anything required of you in order to get a book triggers
your evil detector.

I presume that the expectation is that we print one per welcome bag.
It's supposed to be for attendees only, rather than friends & family.
I've no idea if or how they might try to enforce that.

In the absence of howls of protest, I'll go ahead and thank Josette
for her generosity tomorrow.

Cheers, Phil.

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Hi Phil
Please find attached a PDF of a coupon that will entitle every delegate at Debconf to download one eBook. Can you please print as many as you need - it is hi-res, camera-ready.
Have a good meeting.

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