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Re: [Debconf-team] Final numbers

On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 3:39 PM, Adnan Hodzic <adnan@foolcontrol.org> wrote:
> Now, government, hotels and everybody is
> highly flexible but they want *exact* numbers, and we're all but being
> exact right now.

but later you say

> Also I
> suggest we have reconfirmation email sent on 24-th (June) as one month
> before DebConf should be a good remainder and when they should have an
> idea if they can come or not.

Obviously until after the confirmation stage, we cannot have truly
'exact' numbers.  Even then, some people will probably cancel later.

What we *can* get immediately is maximum numbers.

> These numbers mean a whole lot to us, for
> example visas,

I hope that we already have a list for this, people who need visas
should have contacted the visa team by now.

> our attendees who have visa problems will be granted
> visas upon arrival to our country, how can they be given a visa if
> they haven't even set which country they are coming from?

We should assume that people who haven't set a country, and haven't
contacted us, aren't asking for visa help.

> Also Arrival
> dates are pretty empty. How are we supposed to even send those
> shuttles if we don't even have these dates? Same case with Tshirts and
> numerous other things.

We haven't yet sent reminders to demand that people fill in the date
data.  That traditionally happens as part of the confirmation stage.
(If they haven't set a t-shirt size, we can just choose one for them,
that's not a major issue.)

> I personally
> know couple of Bosnians that registered for DebCamp because they said
> "why not?" In the end number of people is not a problem, none of it
> is, but all we need is exact numbers so I know how to deal with each
> situation.

If you think there are many cases like that, please arrange (probably
in conjunction with the travel sponsorship team, who already look at
these issues) to weed them out -- sponsorship should be for people
with at least a genuine interest.

> Since last night, I've talked to everybody (diva, govt, hotels) and I
> told you they want their numbers ASAP, now since ASAP was a vogue term
> now they would like to have final numbers by next Monday (13th).

Since you have only just announced this deadline, it's too late to get
real true final 'final numbers' for Monday.  Even if we announce now
that people must reconfirm before Monday, a significant number of
people will be away from their email and won't see the message in

> I also have a proposition on how we're going to get these numbers. We
> send out an email to all the registered participants to fill in all
> the fields they can!

That is planned.  We discussed it in the meeting, and Richard Darst is
going to fix his script for this from last year.

> In case person doesn't fill these fields by the time of reconfirmation
> email they automatically get "disqualified" for sponsorship.

Yes, it's usual for us to have a list of 'compulsary' fields (notably
the date ones).


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