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Re: [Debconf-team] Press release following DebConf/government meeting

On Jun 1, 2011, at 11:44, Moray Allan wrote:

> After our meeting with Science and Technology MInister of the
> government of Republika Srpska on 23 May, they were keen for us to put
> out a press release mentioning the meeting and their support.  They
> put out their own version that day, which has since been translated
> into English -- see the attachment at
> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20110528.110343.2d920114.en.html
> It would be good if we could put something out quickly, even if it
> doesn't do much more than rephrase their version from our perspective
> and add the standard footer texts explaining Debian/DebConf.

Here is a first draft;


The Debian project would like to announce a meeting held between the Government of Serbia and DebConf11 representatives on the occasion of the upcoming Debian conference, DebConf11, to be held in Banja Luka, Serbia.

The meeting with the Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Jasmin Komić, was to discuss the upcoming DebConf11 and to familiarize the Debian representatives with the city and the venue for the conference. The DebConf11 delegation consisted of Dr. Moray Allan, Holger Levsen and a representative of the NGO “DIVA” from Tuzla, Adnan Hodžić.

Dr. Jasmin Komić expressed support for the conference in his official capacity for the Republic of Srpska (Serbia Republic) and said “we expect that this conference, which was held in New York last year, will enable significant promotion of Republic of Srpska and the City of Banja Luka on the international IT scene.”

About DebConf

DebConf is the Debian Project's developer conference. In addition to a full schedule of technical, social and policy talks, DebConf provides an opportunity for developers, contributors and other interested people to meet in person and work together more closely. It has taken place annually since 2000 in locations as varied as Canada, Finland and Mexico. 

Previous Debian Conferences have featured speakers from around the world. They have also been extremely beneficial for developing key Debian software components, including the new Debian Installer, and for improving Debian's internationalization.

About Debian

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