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[Debconf-team] dc10 local team status update after in-person mtg

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From: micah <micah@riseup.net>
To: debconf10-localteam@lists.debconf.org
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 23:51:51 -0500
Subject: [Debconf10-localteam] Debconf local team meeting minutes!

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming to the local team meeting tonight, I felt
like it was a very productive meeting. I've taken the gobby notes and
pasted them in below.

What team did you sign up for? Do you remember? Have a look below to
refresh your memory. When is your team meeting next? If you dont know,
time to start organizing it! We decided that individual groups will
self-coordinate and setup their own meetings, each will then come back
to the larger group meeting to report. Coordinate on this list, with
[team subjects in brackets].

Remember that Jimmy will be sending out an announcement to this list
about the upcoming global team meeting, watch out for that.

Biella will be sending out a doodle poll for the next larger group
meeting, goal it to schedule that by next sunday at the latest. So
please be sure to respond to that poll as soon as you can.

How do we make decisions?

Broad decision making criteria:

* delegate decisions to teams: Each group will be empowered to make
  individual decisions, and update current status via email
* strive for consensus
* acknowledge and address dissent post decisions (in the case that quick
  decisions have to be made without larger group consensus, if people
  later have problems with the decision, we agreed to address/revisit
  those decisions)
* People avoid making financial commitments without full local team
  consensus. The idea is to head off situations where some people think
  they should buy/commit something and then there are issues for

DrDub wants at least some people with veto power. He votes for MrBeige and Hydroxide.
H: fine with making sure to keep things moving, but veto is too strong. Fine with coordinating.
DrDub: Sure, then they have bubbling up rather than veto.
Hydroxide and Mr.Biege coordinating for concerns and larger picture.

Biella: How about reporting team decisions?
Clint: who is authorized to spending money?
H: technically me and michael (schultmc) as far as policy... as long as there is a decision.
dkg: is there a general sense of budget? Is there a team budget? A global budget?
H: we've done budgets in the past, but they are rough and need to be updated. Have ~$80k from surplus from Debconf9.
Greg: what was the budget for previous Debconfs?
H: 90-100k euros (for about 200 people) *gives summary of how debconf money has been spent/achieved in the past* 

How are our decision making is impacted by "The Global Team"? Typically,
discussion happens. Global team typically defers to local team
(ie. those people who are doing the work), if there is a disagreement,
generally there is discussion and a consensus is reached. SPI (Software
in the Public Interest) people are part of the local team. schultmc has
root access to the global team infrastructure

Teams and Delegation
The idea here is to get people in charge of various tasks

Teams are self-identified, if we dont have anyone for the teams, then we need to find people.

http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf10/Teams - this is a list of things
that need to get done. Things under global team, someone outside of us
can do...

There are some overlaping teams (accomodation, venue, travel are pretty

Global team (local people can do this!): Micah, Mr. Biege, Hydroxide

Fundraising/Budget: Gets money in from corporate sponsors fundraising:
Pablo, Hans, Mike, Greg

Sponsorship/Bursary, Visas, letter of invitation: frank bynum, hydroxide
: travel/food/lodging costs are subsidizing - micah, clint, kris

Food/Catering: will lead an initial conversation about food and
catering, and then the team should go off and explore: biella, simon,
hyrdroxide, gregg

Talks: selecting talks, making schedule, making sure that things run on
the day, call for papers/BoFs done as soon as possible, affiliated
tutorials/workshops/contributing to debian community, hans suggests
call-out for free software and art... session chairs: biella, dkg,
micah, gregg, hans, kris

Video: people who record things with cameras, annotation, publication,
editing, etc. there has been good infrastructure, including
streaming. simon volunteer to help with this... biella volunteers
someone who is not here: luis. edrz, probably forest

Venue: jerermy, simon, hydroxide, richard, clint, gregg, dkg

Accomodation (hotels/sponsored accomodations): room assignments, room
sharing, coordination with columbia housing and alternative
options. Local area experts (travel coordination, etc.), day trip
planning: jimmy, hans, biella, jeremy

Activities [day trip, conference dinner, local activities, restaurants]:
biella, clint, simon, hans, hydroxide, jermey, dr. dub

Publicity: biella, dr. dub, madduck

Diversity (gender, and more!): biella, dr. dub, micah

Sponsor bags
Reach a decision about the sponsor bags from last year (contents, people to send)

Next meeting

Individual groups need to self-coordinate and meet, then come back to
the larger group to report back, and regular once a month meetings,
perhaps accelerating. Use local team list with [Subjects on mailing

Finish sponsor pack tonight

Dr. Dub did it!

boycott US

Discussion about how to respond to people who keep saying they wish to
boycott the US. Notes are weak, we solved it though.

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