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[Debconf-team] Global DebConf meeting Wednesday Feb 17 @ 21:00 UTC


Please attend this week's global DebConf meeting on Wednesday at 21:00 UTC
in #debconf-team on irc.debian.org. The agenda is short but worthwhile.

Current version of the agenda:

Current version as of when I sent the email:

    * DC9
          o Does marga need help with final report stuff? 
    * DC11 (for each bid)
          o Localteams have questions about their arrangements?
          o Others have questions for the bids? 
    * DC10
          o Talk sessions - need to establish who does what to make this
    * Next meeting
    * After-meeting: free form discussion with new localteam members and
    past organizers, about any plans we have so far. 

See you on Wednesday!

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
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