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Re: [Debconf-team] Session chairs proposal: more concrete plan

also sprach Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> [2010.02.07.1949 +1300]:
> From my experience, the only problem I see with your proposed
> schedule is the "morning event" slot. It was done for DC8 and, to
> my experience, it was considered to be a good idea....but too
> early.
> People were actually having quite hard times being on time at
> 09:00. I had one of these keynotes and I clearly remember starting
> with about 15-20 people in the room and completing the keynote
> with about 50..:-)

Well, we have two options:

  - move the schedule back, which makes things like lunch and dinner
    hard, or requires us to shorten the days.

  or, my preferred option:

  - make it enticing for people to be there early. This includes
    establishing a culture where people want to be there early,
    providing incentives, such as giveaways, and having excellent
    keynotes (not saying that this wasn't the case with yours).


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