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Re: [Debconf-team] Session chairs proposal: more concrete plan

Quoting Richard Darst (rkd@zgib.net):
> Hi,
> After the meeting on Wednesday, Martin and I worked up a concrete plan
> for the session chair proposal, based on the positive feedback at the
> meeting.  It is wikified here:
>   http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf10/SessionChairProposal
> Comments?  (I would say more but need to run)

I like the idea of pre-organizing the schedule with a quite constant
timeline for each day.

From my experience, the only problem I see with your proposed schedule
is the "morning event" slot. It was done for DC8 and, to my
experience, it was considered to be a good idea....but too early.

People were actually having quite hard times being on time at 09:00. I
had one of these keynotes and I clearly remember starting with about
15-20 people in the room and completing the keynote with about 50..:-)

So, well, the "spanish" schedule we had last year was actually very
well suited for the average Debconfer. Of course, last year was easy
because meals were also scheduled at Spanish hours, which might not be
technically possible in NYC.

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