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[Debconf-team] Global team meeting notes, 2010.01.20

Here are the notes from the global team meeting that was held at 21:00 
UTC on January 20th on #debconf-team/irc.debian.org (OFTC).

Next Meeting: WEDNESDAY, February 3, 21:00-22:00 UTC (two weeks after 
this meeting; less than a week after this mail).



dc9: final report status check
  * We had one text contributed since last meeting
  * DrDub will prod people to finish the sponsorship+fundraising 
    sections of the dc9 report, and will read the old reports
  * Sledge and marga are down for fundraising and sponsorship team 
    respectively, AbsintheSyringe willing to help too

dc9: outstanding sponsors
  * most outstanding corporate sponsors are now at one of 
    spi/ffis/debian-uk, a small number still pending. almost done :)

dc11: status check of each of the three bids
  * Bosnia: we're 99% done, one thing that's left to do for our team 
    is to go and "get the money" which we already have "ready". 
    AbsyntheSyringe is consolidating the local teams. Expecting 
    a signed money promise from the government.
  * Germany: Munich is now the sole German dc11 bid. Not much news, 
    we're working on finishing the wiki page. Brainstorming about 
    sponsors started. the Munich City Governmane would be 
    co-organizing. Not yet clear if they will spend money.
  * Quito: Since we already advanced a lot of work last year, we're 
    currently focusing in: (1) strenghtening local team and getting 
    more local communities involved and (2) securing sponsorship from 
    local sponsors.
    Last year we narrowed dates, prepared a budget draft, selected 
    lodging and venues and answered most questions from the checklist 
    and also of the DebConf Team. Hopefully we'll keep the budget more 
    or less the same since the inflation was low (~5%) but we managed 
    to find better deals in lodging and connectivity.
    Connectivity was the main concern of the Team last year, and this 
    has greatly improved in the country. Even smaller universities 
    outside Quito now can handle 5 or more E1 connections affordably.
    EPN is now our main venue option and lodging will still be in La 
    Mariscal, so those are on walking distance. No bus if you don't 
    want to know the city.

dc11: decision meeting timing  (http://doodle.com/evkkvre3rk2tmdsm)
  * dc11 decision meeting will be Saturday, February 27, 17:00-20:00 

dc10: Columbia housing arrangements
  * we have two buildings or parts of buildings. The housing contact 
    is reserving 300 beds for us during conf week, 80 during camp

dc10: corporate sponsorship team/brochure/etc
  * DrDub got dc.o e-mail, access to RT, braindump from previous 
    sponsors teammates and contacts from Hydroxide
  * TODO: finalize sponsorpack (90% done with help from leslo and _hc)
  * target for mass mailing the sponsors is before next global 
    meeting. e-mail templates need finalizing (70-80% done, with help 
    from _bc and bgupta)
  * question: we have an offer from one linux publication but we claim 
    we'll have a thank ad in a different one
  * DrDub needs replies to his mails to -team
  * schultmc can write an index page for 

dc10: visa progress
  * Good news from our lawyer on the debconf10-localteam list - we got 
    a visa issued by the US embassy in Venezuela. Kudos to Frank.
    We're working on a second Venezuelan visa case - otherwise we 
    won't have too many difficult countries, and (almost) all other 
    countries should have enough time

dc10: penta hackability progress
  * Penta is now quite hackable. There's a git repository 
    (http://git.debconf.org/), a few of us have push access and 
    relevant sudo access on the development instance.
    http://pentatest.debconf.org/penta is the penta instance
    http://pentatest.debconf.org/penta/user/new_account to create an 
  * Hydroxide has implemented many or all of the changes dam added to 
    RT collected from past years of IRC/email. Things are a lot 
  * Ganneff has agreed to deploy penta changes to production penta on 

dc10: Registration proposal
  * bgupta is planning to have a draft registration announcement by 
  * we can get registration open before the end of January
  * we'll do some sort of judgment call / scoring for food/lodging 
    sponsorship, similar to past years. scoring/judgment details TBD 
    between now and end of next global meeting

Next Meeting: WEDNESDAY, February 3, 21:00-22:00 UTC (two weeks after 
this mesting; less than a week after this mail).

Thanks for reading, see you at the next meeting.

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