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Re: [Debconf-team] Overall DebConf status update

Quoting Jimmy Kaplowitz (jimmy@debian.org):
> Hi Team,
> It has been brought to my attention that there are people in the DebConf
> team who want to follow our progress and be helpful, but who do not have
> very much time for IRC. To fix the problem going forward, I'd like everyone
> to try to use email status updates more, and I'd like to ensure that meeting
> summaries get emailed to the list. (Damyan is already working on one for the
> January 20 meeting.)
> As a catch-up overview, here are the statuses of DebConf9, DebConf11, and
> DebConf10 (in that order):

Seems to be very worth it and kinda useful for folks like /me, who are
not directly involved in DC orga (unless Cheese&Wine stuff is
considered to be part of the orga...), but always like to follow what's
happening from year to year.

Actually, I think that your report could even deserve being sent more
widely. Maybe to -discuss (I suspect that most past Debconf attendees
stay subscribed to that list)?

Just a wild suggestion, of course....

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