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[Debconf-team] DebConf11 decision process

(This is a long email; I apologize, but I think it's important.)

Hi all,

The proposal deadline for DebConf11 has closed, and the three bids are Banja
Luka, Bosnia; Munich, Germany; and Quito, Ecuador. Good luck to all! We need
to move toward a decision in the next couple of months. Given the lack of a
single bid that everyone can agree is clearly the best, we will do the usual
process, a long IRC meeting where we compare bids according to a priority
list and come to a decision.

On IRC it seemed that the weekend of February 27th and 28th is best. If this
is not good for you, speak up now. Otherwise, please fill out the poll below
with your availability. Please read the text above the poll so I don't have
to make this email longer by repeating it. :)


Also please send at least one person from each DC11 bid team to global team
meetings from now until the decision. Between now and the decision we will
have a "DC11 bids status update" agenda item in the global team meetings,
and we want to hear from each bid. The next meeting will be January 20th
from 21:00-22:00 UTC in #debconf-team.

To prepare for the decision meeting, bid teams should:

1) Make sure they have a complete wiki page at
http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/<your bid> that answers all the
questions at http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/LocationCheckList (feel free to
copy that wiki page into your own and modify it)

2) Make sure your wiki page is linked appropriately from

3) Add to your wiki page a list of your own bid's weaknesses and the other
bids' strengths as you see them.

4) Be responsive to questions that the global team or other bid teams ask of
you on the debconf-team list and on IRC

5) Be polite to other bid teams! This is friendly competition, not war! :)

Good luck everyone, and see you on the 20th!

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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