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[Debconf-team] Who wants to prod on the final report?


I think it would be helpful if there was another person who could prod
on getting the last few articles from the final report done:

I'll still help, of course, but I think I've pretty much become a cron
sender.  If someone else prods, it'll probably help more.

I will, of course, still do all I can to help out, and can manage
things behind the scenes.

Basically, what is left is:

- Get the important texts done.  This is the main thing prodding will
  be useful for.

- Revise texts.  This is fairly easy, and I think we are in pretty
  good shape there.

- It would be useful to pre-select some good pictures for use when
  assembling the report, see below.

- Marga has agreed to assemble the report with Scribus.

Anyone want to step up to this?


- Richard
  cron replacement

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