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[Debconf-team] Help revise final report texts


If you'd like to help revise the DebConf9 texts, please see here:

Full information about the final report is here:

If you have SVN access (if you don't, ask on #debconf-team or this
list), then committing it directly is even best.  (I don't have the svn
checkout info right now, ask).

If you don't have svn access, we still want contributions!  Someone
can commit for you, just send diffs or new texts, whatever the easiest
form is.

So far, I've given them all one pass at revision, but someone else
should each of them, too.  Look at index.txt for information on
revision status of each of them to see what needs to be done.


- Richard

p.s. (perhaps starting revisions will encourage the last few

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