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[Debconf-team] Final Report to you all

Final report,

So, we still have the final report to work on.  It seems to about be
time to start following up on this.  The 

Here is the coordination wiki page:

There are many sections listed there.  I put most of them there as a
"would be nice" thing, but we may not include all of them in the final
report - so revisions to sections are great.

Here are the things that still need to be done, and who is assigned.
Expect IRC pings and direct mails soon!

Open Day -- ???

Talks and talk selection -- ???

Full talk listing -- I can get it, I think

Formal dinner - Phil
Day trip: Andrew

Debian wine - Christian 

Personal Impressions - Jonathan McDowell.  Plus we need some more.
  Perhaps someone could recall planet posts?

Fundraising -- ???

Sponsorship -- ???

Video team -- Holger

Local impressions - Anto or Cek ?

Networking --  ???   Joerg?

Front Desk -- Damyan

Credits -- I can probably get this, at least the global part.  Others
  need to fill in everyone I don't know.

Are there any more things not listed here?  Anyone volunteer for one
of the unknowns?  Anyone not able to do theirs?  Can everyone confirm
that they can still write these pieces, and give an expected date of

Thanks to everyone for your help,

- Richard

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