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[Debconf-team] Final DC10 dates! Yay!

OK, the deadline has passed with the consensus only growing stronger since my
previous mail. That means: WE HAVE DC10 DATES!

July 24, 2010: Setup day (lodging only for people doing initial setup)
July 25-31, 2010: DebCamp10
August 1-7, 2010: DebConf10
August 8, 2010: Departure/cleanup day

DebianDay / Debian Open Day: Still to be discussed but within these dates

Thanks all! I'll update the DC10 website in the near future; we should start
preparing the other related announcements. In fact, there are lots of next
steps to take a look at, which means I'll go ahead and send another email with
a Doodle poll link to schedule a global team meeting for next week.

And so it begins again... let's make a great DebConf! :)

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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