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[Debconf-team] Minutes from the last meeting


Sorry for not posting this earlier, but it was not so much information
anyway.  I suggest reading this even if you were in the meeting,
because I've updated the information a lot.

* Reconfirmation Numbers

By the reconfirmation deadline (June 15), only 199 people had
reconfirmed.  This meant that a lot of sponsored people were not
sponsored anymore, and allowed us to give more money to the Travel
Reimbursment team.  This team currently has about USD 38,000 and will
probably get more money when we are a bit more certain of the local
expenses ahead.

One of the problems of the low number was that had promessed the hotel
250 people, and we were not making it now (only 165 were going to be
lodged in the hotel).  So, Tincho talked with the hotel, and they
agreed that with 200 people lodged, they would still keep the special

Currently, there are 224 reconfirmed people, and 188 are staying in
the hotel.  So, we are only 12 people short of the agreed number.


After a lot of coming and going, we've finally settled with TASA
(Telefonica de Argentina S.A.) as our ISP.  The connection will be a
9Mbps guaranteed, commercial, symmetrical link, we are paying very
good money for it, so we expect this to be first quality.  The link
will be provided by 3 3Mbps modems (bonded by them, not us; the
bandwidth is guaranteed after the bonding).

The connection is due to be installed on July 18th (i.e. 2 weeks
before DebConf), so that even if something gets delayed a few days, it
will be ready in advance.  Sebastián Galletto will be going to MDQ to
check on the link installation and bandwidth.

We've already gone through most of the paperwork and payed 30% of the
cost, so there should be no roadblocks in this area ahead of us.

Also, the hotel's ADSLs are there and working.  They are thin
connections, but we can use them as backup in case we need them.

* Next meeting: Monday, June 30th, 17:00 UTC (i.e. Next monday)

We will probably switch to weekly meetings for July.

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People Present:

   1. marga
   2. dererk
   3. Ganneff
   4. paravoid
   5. des
   6. moray
   7. Tincho
   8. ana
   9. gwolf
  10. Sledge
  11. sgran


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