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[Debconf-team] Minutes from the last meeting

These are the minutes for the meeting that took place last Monday.
Please excuse the delay.  It was a very short meeting (25 minutes
long), because a lot of people (including me) couldn't make it.  If
you have issues that need to be dealt with soon, please send mail.

* 1. Talks / Proceedings

The accepted talks are marked as such. Mails regarding talks were sent
after the meeting. Proceedings team is assembled, has received the
list of talks, they should be asking people to send papers in these

* 2. Travel sponsorship

Mails regarding accepted/rejected and place in queue were sent.  Many
people made mistakes regarding the amount of money requested, even
though the text was exactly the same as last year. The agreement is
that people that made mistakes "lost" this year. The wording will be
changed for next year, hoping that people won't make so many mistakes.

In a week (before the end of reconfirmation period, which is June
15th) we'll be mailing everybody regarding their status in DebConf

* 3. Hardware status

We've had many offers for lending us hardware lately, including a nice
quadcore server.  We've reached the needs from the admin group, and
most of the needs for the video-team group. Currently we are missing:
switches, some APs (currently 8 offers) and some Gigabit NICs. The
offers are listed (in Spanish) in:

* 4. Network status

Not there yet. ISPs still figuring out how much they want to charge us :-\.

* 5. Numbers

The current numbers are a bit worrying.  As of today, we have 340
registered people, but only 112 have re-confirmed.  We are a bit
worried that we might need to renegotiate the price with the hotel,
taking into account that we had committed to a minimum of 250.
However, it might only be a question of reminding people about their
need to reconfirm.

Next meeting: Monday June 16th 20:00 UTC


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