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Re: [Debconf-team] Some ideas for encouraging sponsors

On 10/24/07, Patty Langasek <harmoney@dodds.net> wrote:
> If you tell sponsors we're producing a magazine (short or long, doesn't
> really matter - the work needed to publish a magazine is about the same
> despite length, trust me on this), along with the final report, and the
> "taste of DebConf" that was offered last DebConf, we're going to run
> ourselves into the ground. Already, we're having difficulties finishing the
> tasks that *need* to be finished, adding yet another task to the pile is
> only asking for trouble.

No, the idea was to produce the magazine BEFORE DebConf, and give it
to attendees upon arrival.  We can have most of the content ready
months before DebConf, add the schedule when it's ready and then print

If we produce "Proceedings" each year, I don't see why we couldn't
produce a magazine that replaces the proceedings.  Or, if we don't
want to replace the proceedings, my idea would be just to include Ads
in them.

> Marga, it's a good idea, but I fear it's more work to put on a team that
> already struggles to keep up with the work it has. I'd advise against it -
> at least for now, until the orga team develops to the point where the
> *necessary* tasks don't run people ragged.

I never said the orga team should do it.  I have plenty of volunteers
in the local team, that want to help but don't know how.  Not everyone
can go looking for Sponsors or dealing with the ISP (which are our
main TODO items right now).  Preparing a magazine is a fun task, it
would allow not-so-techie people to help, and it would be useful to
give something extra to our sponsors.


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