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[Debconf-team] Some ideas for encouraging sponsors


While reviewing possible argentinian sponsors, I realized that what we
give back to sponsors is too little.  So I came up with an idea (that
then turned out not to be that original):

We could print a short magazine, that includes interesting info about
the conf, about Mar del Plata, about Argentina, DebConf schedule,
talks abstracts, etc.  And in this magazine include ads from the
sponsors.  The size and amount of the adds would depend on how much
the sponsor gave us, but we would still give a nice space to those
that didn't give that much.

This way we could allow those sponsors that aren't recognized just by
their logos to show who they are and why people should make business
with them.  I think that if well advertised this would lead to more
and happier sponsors (at least for the local sponsors).

This could be done with the proceedings, instead of a magazine.  I
personally don't like the proceedings too much, because not many
people read them, and they tend to be a waste of paper, but the result
would be the same.

Another thing we could give sponsors is encourage them to have a stand
at the DebianDay place, again, this is particularly useful for local
sponsors, since DebianDay attendees are mainly local people.

So, what does everybody think? Would this be ok?  I think it would
really make a difference regarding local sponsors, I'm not sure about
international ones, but it wouldn't hurt them anyway.

PS: Spanish version of this mail:


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