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Re: [Debconf-team] Still missing stuff

On Wed, Jun 27, 2007 at 06:03:44PM +0100, Chris Halls wrote:
> Just as a post mortem note on the subject before I forget:
> The inventory was very useful to get stuff sorted into the right piles for 
> people. The rest was very time consuming - I basically made a pile of unknown 
> stuff and kept grabbing people as they walked past to ask them if stuff was 
> theirs. Sorry Steve: I obviously forgot to stop you and ask about those bits. 
> I had quite a pile of unknown stuff in the end.
> Phil had labelled all his larger pieces of equipment, and that made the 
> process much faster BTW. He had printed labels with hands.com, but it would 
> have worked just as well if they had been e.g. sticky dots of a particular 
> colour. Maybe we should buy a pack of sticky dots of assorted colours for the 
> next conf?

We had three labelling machines. We should have made better use of them.
It might have been an idea to have someone walk around the conf
inspecting equipment - power supplies, cables, laptops, etc. and tagging
any unlabelled equipment with the owner's id. 


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