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Re: [Debconf-team] Final windup meeting

On Tue, Jun 26, 2007 at 05:50:03PM +0100, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> [ cc: to Sam as a heads-up; we'll need his input for a DPL bit in the
>   report too, and he may like to come along too I guess! ]
> Hi folks,
> I think we can justifiably be proud of ourselves - we seem to have
> pulled off a Debconf! Not everything worked perfectly or quite as we
> expected/wanted, but in the end I don't think we had any major
> issues. Fundamentally, it seems that all the attendees enjoyed
> themselves immensely and lots of productive work and socialising
> happened. Yay!
> We still have a few things to finish up yet, the most important of
> which (IMHO) is the post-conference report. The delay for this after
> DC6 caused us to lose quite a lot of goodwill with some sponsors, so
> I'm keen to make sure this happens sooner rather than later. I'm sure
> there are other bits and pieces that will emerge soon as well,
> e.g. finishing up the accounts and formally closing the Debconf 7 Ltd
> company.
> At one of the (many!) impromptu pub meetings during Debconf, we
> floated the idea of a post-Debconf windup meeting for the local
> team. General discussion seemed in favour of holding this:
>  * around the end of July - to give us a little break to get over the
>    conference, but not so much that we've forgotten it all
>  * in York - it's (roughly) central for the UK folks, and Mark and
>    Steve Gran can offer reasonable amounts of crash space between them
> Ideally, we'll spend the weekend and mix in writing/editing/printing
> the report with our own (more internal) post-mortem discussions. Oh,
> and I predict there may be some beer/milk/$drink abuse too
> (*grin*). I'll then deal with the final sponsors wrap-up (getting the
> bags delivered, basically).
> For reference, the calendar in July looks like:
>        July 2007      
>   Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
>                      1
>    2  3  4  5  6  7  8
>    9 10 11 12 13 14 15
>   16 17 18 19 20 21 22
>   23 24 25 26 27 28 29
>   30 31
> I'm happy and available to do any of 14/15, 21/22 and 28/29. I
> remember Phil saying he has a wedding on one of those weekends, so
> (obviously) it would be nice to arrange things such that he can make
> it too. Phil - shout when you've checked that date please!
> So, who's in?

I'm in in theory. I fly off to Ireland on the 19th of July, so the 14/15
is the only dates that work for me. I also need to find the money for
the rail fare and some for beer. Hopefully I'll be there, but if that
date doesn't work for other people, then have it on some other date...

The report: based on the dc6 effort, its harder than it looks. Having
just looked though the dc6 one, we had roughly the following sections:

Stuff from the DPL
Personal Impressions

Assuming most of the UK people turn up, we would be able to write most
of those sections in York. Parts that require non-UK folk are harder,
and require nagging. I'ld be thinking about asking people to send in
their impressions about nowish / start of July, and finding out who
can't attend and asking them to write before the deadline. The other
point about asking people to write now is its still clear in their

We also ought to get the report stuff working again before then and
select (a) editor(s). Anyone fancy leading the effort?

When I was talking to Jon this afternoon, he was thinking about
writing up a internal postmortem, solely for future teams. Is that the

Sorry for not being around to help out in Edi, 


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