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[Debconf-team] Back home / Missing orga/volunteer shirts


First of all, a _very_ big thank you hug to you all. Yes, I mean
all. Debconf was, as expected, great in every sense. 

Anyway, back on topic - Some of you already know I started getting
this list filled yesterday, but I managed to send this mail to an
address with an ugly typo in it...  Anyway...

As we never had a list or who is on which team, we didn't exactly have
a shirt for every organizer. And, of course, volunteers could not be
guessed beforehand. So we will be printing extra shirts and sending
them to they who helped Debconf happen - The logistics needed to get
it materialized will be discussed later.

Please check and fill in this page. Currently, I added only volunteers
- if you are orga team and didn't get a shirt, also state it somehow


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