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[Debconf-team] DebConf7 Night Venue Report

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Hi everybody,

	Yesterday (June 13rd) we used the Night Venue for the first
time. So, here are some impressions and information about the place.

	I basically saw three levels, the ground, one downstairs
and one upstairs, but there is a another one going up. I didn't
check the wireless in the second floor and above.

	The main problem is lack of bathroom, speaking with sgran
today, it seems that kevc pointed the downstairs bathroom as the
alternative (there is a plate in front of it saying that you should
use another one upstairs, but I couldn't find another).

	We setup an AP with essid debconf7nv encrypted to avoid any
problems (key=debconf7nv) for the first night, but forest (the cafe
neighbor) has free open wi-fi access (and they seem to be our
upstream anyway).

	It is a good connection (considering it is ADSL, should be
something like 1/2MBit), you can do, without any problems, IRC, web,
e-mail, probably it is not the best idea to mirrorsync. :-)

	We left at 3:00 (am), I carried with me the Contextshif 3Com
HUB/Switch and Kevin Silver Toolbox, today in the morning I returned
everything to the ServerRoom. But we left some power bars and
network cables over there.

	Most of people gave up on the beginning because of the lack
of wi-fi (it took half an hour until stratus arrive with his access
point and we could setup it). Also people had the impression that
it won't have enough space so they turned out to visit pubs or play
MAO at the hostel.

	Otavio joined us, he need some hand to get up/down on the
first two steps, but he can easily work on the ground (and I don't
think we need to have a wheelchair ramp over there if it is going
to be too much trouble, somebody needs to stay there to close it
anyway and can give a hand to otavio. IMHO, people needing to work
or finish something will use the night venue, most of attendees
will probably just drop it and go to sleep to get earlier to
Teviot in the other day.

	There is a constant movement of people entering and
leaving, they are going or coming from the cafe and we were
advised to close the outside door after midnight.

	Kind regards, 	
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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
"Debian. Freedom to code. Code to freedom!"
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