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[Debconf-team] Status (Monday)


Everything still seems to be going well in general, with no major
problems.  (Power and wireless are still good, which is all most people
care about anyway....)  Otavio appears to have got his luggage in the
end, since he was around Teviot in his normal wheelchair today.

Here are some quick notes from the meeting today:

Registration: Badge stuff should arrive on Tuesday morning.  We can
finish the dinner tickets today.  We have O'Reilly books now, and
hopefully the (empty) bags too.  Registration-desk stuff now can be done
through penta, rather than lots of bits of paper as earlier (thanks to
Ganneff).  Sledge will organise the registration desk, and get
volunteers to man the slots.  A (non-electronic?) notice board near the
desk might be useful.

Food: Kev definitely agreed to pay £4 for each token, so we should
ignore that the staff have been noting down amounts greater than that.
The catering manager is off ill, so he can't get in contact to sort it
out properly, but he has the previous agreement in writing.

Late-night venue. We need to get a cable to the ground floor room.  We
need to set up a connection to Teviot.  We have several options on
antennae for a wireless link:
- Antennae from Mexico -- hard to arrange/expensive (including import
tax etc.)
- Kev has a quote of £150 a week to hire a point-to-point link.
- Equipment from Greece?  We would be lent it; Greece is within the EU,
so there would be no import issues.  We'll hear tomorrow if this is
- Could ask other DebConf attendees (especially those who haven't
travelled yet).
- Should get Kitty to check prices for buying appropriate hardware.
A decision on the best option should be made in a meeting at 15 BST

A sponsor had still been asking about extra ways to help in an obvious
fashion.  Could e.g. pay for the ceilidh band, but we already have that,
so it doesn't add anything new.  We will suggest hack snacks to them.

We need rubbish bins in the hacklabs.  Kev will talk to Teviot about

Safir will collect info about practical issues in Budget Backpackers,
e.g. laundry.

Ana has raised some concerns about bed usage in the hostels (when people
change over).  Phil will speak to them about this.  We're paying a fixed
per-person charge per night (not dependent on changes) so it shouldn't
be a problem.

We still need to buy:
- Masking tape (i.e. which doesn't leave marks on surfaces).
- Power plug adaptors for wireless equipment.
- UK phone SIM cards for organisers, so we can call them cheaply.

We have 19 mirrors for video streaming so far, on 4 continents.  The
video team plan to be using 8 cameras in their setup across the rooms.


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