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Re: [Debconf-team] [dc8] Manpower

On 1/26/07, Peter Nuttall <p.s.nuttall@durham.ac.uk> wrote:
Thats mainly due to losses in the team members as people have gone off
to do other things. This is of course completely reasonable. The
question for dc8 bids is this: Do you have enough people to get it
done without placing a massive burden on them? Are you ready for
people having to go look after their "real lives" and not be able to

Well, if _everybody_ has to go tend other stuff (this is real life
too, btw), then it's difficult to pull a conference, yes.

In the Argentina local-team, we have a core-team of about 8 people
which are very committed to making it happen.  And there's about 10
extra people (even some that are not listed in our local-team page)
that are willing to help out with whatever is needed.

I do not claim to predict the future, but I do have the feeling that
if it were to be in Argentina, we would not lack any manpower.  We are
experienced at organizing events, handling money, delegating, etc.


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