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Re: [Debconf-team] Visa support

> Hi,


> On Saturday 20 January 2007 05:21, Safir Secerovic wrote:
>> We have started working on a draft of Letter of Invitation for DebConf7,
> where is the draft?

It will be available on svn in 2-3 days.

>> and a copy of which will be available soon (a month or two from now). We

My bad, not a month or two.
Half a moth the longest.

> debconf7 starts in less than 5 month and I think not all visas are
> processed
> as quickly as you indicated below... can I help you with writing the
> letter
> of invitation?

If you think you can :-)
We need some details to sort out. Namely, in terms of
who best to put as a most liable person as an invitator in the letter.
Need to check those things still. But it should reach its final form
pretty soon.

>> Also, when initially contacted U.K. embassy in Sarajevo, I have gotten a
>> positive response in term of the shortness of time required for visa
>> applications processing. I was told it does not take more than 15 days,
>> and 1 month at longest. I hope similar standards apply at U.K.
>> diplomatic
>> missions worldwide.
> I fear thats not the case.

I hope it is. Anyways, interested applicants need to check in their
respective countries.

> regards,
> 	Holger


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